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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
America Patton

To whom this my concern: reviewing team I would like to nominate Theresa Carroll for keeping the faith award. As a colleague of Theresa at Richard Warren Middle School, she has displayed resiliency, determination, and joy after overcoming brain cancer. Last year, Theresa shared her story with me that she is a survivor of Brain Cancer. I was not shocked to hear that she overcame brain cancer, because through the healing power of God, anything is possible, and through the gifted hands of doctors many miracles take place in the doctor room. What is so amazing about Theresa is that she has been able to manage being an assistant principle, a mother of three, and active in sports, after her recovery. Her resilient spirit has rubbed off on many of the students who she interacts with throughout the school day. Not only that, her professionalism, positive vibes, and calm leadership sends a message of love, hope, and empathy throughout the entire school building at Richard Warren Middle School located in Leavenworth, Kansas. I think that Theresa should be nominated for this award, because it is not often that you see a assistant principal lead so many students down the road of success, and help to manage an entire school building after overcoming brain cancer. Not only that, the school has adopted her message that she would state every morning over the school intercom system last school year as a school wide trademark. Here is the following quote that the lead principal Mr. Warner adopted as the school wide motto, “Your Vibe attracts your tribe”. That is the quote that Theresa would state every morning to the students, faculty, and staff at Richard Warren Middle School. I hope that your team would seriously consider nominating Theresa this year for this award. I feel that she is so deserving for this award for her tireless service throughout the community, for her dedication to students, and for being a stellar assistance principal at Richard Warren Middle School.