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Keeping the Faith




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In 2014, my dear wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This was before the 2 of us met, and her journey had already begun. Surgery went well, but the remaining 15% of her tumor was too close to her speech center, so it could not be removed. The amazing team of doctors at Barnes Jewish Hospital warned her, eventually, this would begin to grow again, and additional treatment will be needed at that time. Fast forward to September of 2017, and Tia had just purchased a ring to propose to me. She also received coinciding news that her most recent MRI was ‘glowing’ and treatment must begin. She started her first radiation treatment and listen to me, whoever is reading this, Tia is an angel walking this earth. I don’t say this lightly, but my now wife is a human manifestation of everything good in this galaxy. Tia had long beautiful curly hair that she cut off with ease in our bathroom. No public ceremony needed. She snipped it and went about her day. Only later in the quiet hrs. of the night, did she ever shed a few tears over her hair, feeling selfish because others are suffering more. She never stopped carrying her entire family on her back; continuing to care for her aging grandmother, looking after a brand new nephew, running errands, cleaning, cooking, and of course, never missing a beat in loving me. After 8 months of radiation chemo began. At this time, we were engaged and planning a wedding to be thrown 01/2019, the same month her chemo would end. With the help of her oncologist and her will to thrive, her chemo was finished in the nick of time. Still sporting the beautiful shaved head I have held, rubbed, cried on, and kissed; we got married. Of course the journey is never over. You never stop holding your breath before each MRI and treatment only lasts so long before it must be gone through again. But this woman, she’s a force all on her own. For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, only death, if that, do us part. She is the reason why I fight.