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Keeping the Faith

Tina Wirtz



Submitted by:
Tricia Becker

In September of 2007, at age 39, Tina started having very brief periods of paralysis(3-5 seconds). She thought it was stress from selling a house and planning her wedding. She had an “episode” of paralysis while driving and her boss sent her to the Dr. immediately. After a CT scan they found a spot on her brain. After additional testing Dr’s. found nothing to indicate that this spot was malignant and decided to have surgery to remove it. Tina soon found out that she had an anaplastic oligodendroglioma Stage III Brain Tumor. Tina delayed her upcoming wedding and soon began chemotherapy treatments. Following chemotherapy treatments Tina made a “bucket” list. She has since gotten married,traveled to New Zealand, Australia, Alaska, and Hawaii. She attended the last 2 episodes of the Oprah show, got a “hole in one, SHe has ran two half marathons and one full Marathon. Her Dr. calls her, her poser child patient/miracle. Tina is currently on an annual check up basis. Tina is now actively involved in the Shawnee County Relay for Life event as a committee member, team captain and SURVIVOR. She is a top fundraiser and host a golf tourney every year. Tina is 7+ years out and doing GREAT! Tina says that although it was devastating news to hear she had cancer, it was, in a way, the best thing that ever happened to her. It gave her a new perspective on life, living life to the fullest! She doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Tina takes one day at a time and never takes anything for granted!