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Keeping the Faith

Tommy and Mandy at Tribe Game



Submitted by:
Tom and Julie Mauerer

Tommy had a seizure at work at University Hospitals on Mar 19, 2014, brain surgery at the Cleveland Clinic on Mar 26th and diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer on April 3rd, 4 days after his 26th birthday and 6 months after marrying the love of his life Mandy. He endured six weeks of radiation and chemo treatments and from Memorial Day weekend 2014 has only looked forward. The courage and strength he showed was nothing short of amazing but the most important thing for him was his strong and unwavering faith in God and support of Mandy. Tommy’s faith was not something that just surfaced as a result of this life altering event but has been his foundation as a result of his Catholic upbringing, education, love of family and friends and his unquestioning trust in God. His close and life long relationship with his pastor, Fr. Tom Johns of St John Vianney parish in Mentor, has provided him guidance and a Christian role model. Tommy and Mandy embraced the Novocure clinical trial offered by Dr Peerboom and his wonderful staff at the Clinic and has continued with the program through today and is a strong advocate of its use and results. They altered their diets on recommendations of doctors, nurses and specialists to fight this cancer. Again, always looking forward, not backward. On Oct 30, 2015 Mandy gave birth to Paisley Ann and on Sept 10, 2017 she gave birth to Jacob Anthony, a beautiful family of 4! In Sept 2016 Tommy and Mandy began teaching 8th grade PSR at St John Vianney and even “hired” their 5 year old niece Ella as a classroom aide and she loves it! In Nov 2016 Tommy completed his MBA, received a promotion in his first interview in Feb 2017 and is now Operations Manager for the UH Harrington Heart & Vascular group. Still looking forward. Tommy’s faith in and love of his God has always been an inspiration to his family and friends. Jenny, his sister & lifelong best friend, was right many years ago when she said he was “the perfect child”. Love, Mom & Dad