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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Monica Wagenhofer

Tracey had been having trouble with her thoughts and speech but didn’t think much of it until it got really bad one day in January 2018. She went to the ER thinking she had a stroke, but was sent to Pittsburgh for further testing. They discovered a tumor on her brain and had a strong suspicion that it was cancer. After further testing, it was confirmed that she had stage 3 brain cancer. Brain surgery was the next step. The doctors explained the risks and that she may not be able to speak again after the surgery. She did really well, and after speech and physical therapy, she regained everything. She underwent numerous radiation and chemotherapy treatments until May 2019. We are happy to say that she has been treatment free since May 2019 and all of her scans have been clear! She is the strongest, most beautiful and inspirational person I’ve ever met. Congratulations! We all love you so much!