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Keeping the Faith




Travis was diagnosed in the spring of 2011 with an oligoastrocytoma grade II. He was having seizures that affected both his speech and weakness in his arm and leg. With summer fast approaching and so many customers that relied on him, Travis decided to hold off on the surgery & radiation until the fall. So that September he had his Craniotomy and then 6 weeks of radiation. We were amazed by his determination and strength, not allowing this to slow him down. Three days out of surgery, Travis returned to the office to show everyone “This Cancer Would Not Win” and that’s what he did. Until the spring of 2014 when he began having the seizures again. “Glioblastoma Multiforme” the words we didn’t want to hear, and so in true Travis Fashion, he began round 2 of this battle. Surgery is no longer an option as the tumor is located right on top of his speech, So we began chemotherapy every six weeks and in February did a round of radiation, he continues to fight this very valiant battle not only for himself but for his three beautiful kids, Skylar(20), Brooklynn (13), & Jackson (9), his wife, Angie, his Mother Susan, his sisters Angie & Mimi and his entire staff at Mid Continent Irrigation. Everyday Travis inspires our family, friends, customers & employees to stay positive, his last scan is proof that he is beating this right now and we are positive it is his determination that “This Cancer Will Not Win”!!!