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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Meribeth Boone

My hero is my son, Trenton. At the end of his freshman year of college COVID was shutting down the country. He moved to online learning in Florida before returning to KC Mother’s Day weekend 2020. He was tired, had some headaches and was a bit dizzy. On June 29, 2020 we were told he had a mass on his brain and we were to go to Children’s Mercy as it was typically a pediatric tumor in its location. On July 16th, after a biopsy was performed, we were told our son had a Grade 2 Diffused Astrocytoma and it was sitting between the pons and the cerebellum. After further testing, it appears to be more of a Grade 4 tumor. He did 6 weeks of radiation and chemo and has continued with the chemo daily since October 2020. During his treatment he continued with school online at Florida Tech. He passed his 6 credits and was determined to go back to in person class in January 2021. After not being very comfortable with the move, it took great courage and strength to ask to moved back home and continue online, this semester with 12 credits. He made the deans list this spring!! He reads math books for fun and wants to teach higher education math in the future. He is better equipped emotionally and physically now and will return to Florida for this fall semester. We have no doubt he will do great things! Although his tumor is in operable, he continues to thrive and LIVE he has big plans!!