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Keeping the Faith

Trevor Lagle



Submitted by:
Heather Yates

Trevor had been having headaches for about 3 weeks in January of 2015. Saturday morning, January 31, he woke up saying he could not take the pain anymore. He was taken to urgent care where a CT was performed. There was a 5.5cm x 4.3cm mass on his right frontal lobe. He was immediately admitted to the Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis, where he was transferred within an hour from the oncology floor to PICU due to a midline shift. 2 MRI’s were done that night to check for blood supply to rule out cancer vs. abscess. Unfortunately, the mass had its own blood supply. Monday February 2, he had the tumor removed and it was sent for pathology. All we knew before February 11 was that it was a high grade glioma. Due to his young age, a specimen was sent to Johns Hopkins for verification. On February 11, we received his diagnosis, Glioblastoma multiforme. Numerous hospitals were called about trials or promising treatments but no one would take him as a patient either due to young age, under 18, or because they would not do anything differently than we could do here in Tulsa. With a less than 4% survival rate and 14 month prognosis, we were desperate to find something better. He did 7 weeks of radiation with low dose chemo and started his 12 month cycle of high dose chemo in May 2015. He has had seizures and dehydration that have required hospitalization, but despite all of this, he remains active and continues to play his guitar. He has had a consultation with the Cleveland Clinic and if or when his monthly scans worsen, he will head to Ohio for new targeted therapy. He has remained pretty healthy and continues to push through even though many days he doesn’t want to get out of bed. Driving has been put on hold due to seizures and his life as a typical teenage boy has been changed to one fighting for his life. We are proud of the young man he has become in the face of adversity. We are so proud he continues to fight. We are so proud to call him son, brother, friend.