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Keeping the Faith

Troy Weber



Troy Weber is here today from Oklahoma with the team Pooled Together for a Cure, running in honor of Stevie Patrick, when he himself is battling brain cancer, the exact same brain cancer as Stevie. He was diagnosed a few months after Stevie in 2010. Here is a little bit of his reasoning why he is honoring Stevie today, ” I first heard about Stevie Patrick back in 2010 a few months after her brain tumor was discovered. My wife worked with her best friend, Mindi, and they would exchange stories and I’m sure comfort as well, as I too was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Stevie was months ahead of me in treatments and surgery. She immediately sought treatment south while I tried to get my bearings with doctors at home before heading north for better care. Both of us were diagnosed with the same type of tumors, anaplastic astrocytomas. My wife and I followed her progress through Mindi and her blog. From a far, we experienced her ups and downs. She has endured four surgeries, a few setbacks, and several recurrences, but every time she has been brave and fought hard to get back to some kind of normalcy. As cancer patients, it’s a constant battle to get your life back or even a glimpse of what it once was. Stevie has bounced back every time and refuses to give in. There is no one else that our team would want to represent. The Lord’s grace is a funny thing. We all pray for grace and it’s overwhelming when received, but it doesn’t stop there. Grace is not something to be kept inside and reflected upon like a found memory from childhood. It’s in fact a call to action. It’s a wonderful infectious experience that you want to share with anyone you can and extend to anyone in need. Our team has been blessed in many ways and we are here to share it, to lift up a wonderful person.

From a bunch of people you have never met, we wanted to let you know that you have inspired us and we are all pulling and praying for you.”

Here is a little about Troy’s battle in his own words “I’m some where in between being the luckiest man in the world and waiting for the other shoe to drop. My hardest times were surgery and staying in Minnesota (I live in OK) for 6 weeks while doing chemo and radiation. My wife and daughter had no choice but to stay home working to keep the insurance in good shape. I came home and did more chemo, but I’ve been in good shape since then. I go back for check ups and so far so good. I won’t bore you with my story, but I have had my definite God moments. I really don’t know how I would have kept my spirits up if it wasn’t for those moments. In my time of need they pulled me through and I hope that this will do the same for Stevie.”

I nominated him because as the Team Village Liaison, his story and his reason for running for Stevie touched my heart. I do not know Troy, but through his selfless action of putting others above himself while keeping the faith in his own battle against brain cancer is a true picture of someone worthy of this award.