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Keeping the Faith

KC KTF - William Bergman



Submitted by:
Kaylie Bergman

William (Bill) Bergman has a larger-than-life personality, great sense of humor, and love for telemarketers and door-to-door sales people. His hobbies include being an amateur meteorologist, an armchair film and music critic, and human GPS. Bill also enjoys fishing, imitating Charles Barkley’s swing on the golf course, and posting and reading rants on Facebook. All kidding aside, Bill has spent the majority of his time and energy giving to his family and serving the community. He has coached countless kids in baseball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. He is a past President and board member of the Grandview Baseball Association, organized and ran the church basketball league, and was a past President of the Coronation of Our Lady’s Men’s Club. Bill was also very active in Kansas City’s community theater scene, appearing in over 42 plays with 12 different theater groups. Bill is always the first one to volunteer to help and look to take care of others and has been a great role model, mentor, and friend to countless others. Bill was diagnosed with an inoperable glioblastoma (GBM) on January 2, 2020 and has remained stable to this day after undergoing chemo radiation and now fashionably wearing the Optune cap daily. Bill is determined to remain active as he walks almost 3 miles every day and still manages the lawn care and honey-do lists. His sweet tooth has also remained stable with over 16 packages of Oreos purchased in the first 3 months of his ‘new life’. Bill is an incredible man who is now living what he calls his ‘new normal’ and is determined to remind everyone to shower people with love and kindness and always keep on laughing and smiling in what you’re given. I can speak for a lot when I say that Bill Bergman is a hero!