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Keeping the Faith




In October of 2012, William began to have horrible headaches that would last for 1 day with associated symptoms of vomiting and nausea. He would have these headaches only once every 4-6 weeks until May when he had one the last week and then again the second week of June. In July, he visited a neurologist and had a MRA done. A couple days later, William received a phone call from the neurologist saying something did not look right on the MRA and that there was a bunch of swelling in his brain and he was to check himself into the closest ER.

William checked himself in, and the next morning was informed that he had a tumor that was “malignant.” It was located in his frontal lobe and was bigger than a golf ball. Needless to say, William and Eda were both shocked. The next day, William went into surgery (craniotomy) around 4:30 and did not get out until 9:15 pm. He recovered in the hospital after the craniotomy, and three days later was discharged home. During the first week of August we received the devastating news that the tumor was a stage 4 glioblastoma. which is the most aggressive tumor. Understandably, they are filled with fear and devastated that their futures are not what they could ever imagined them to be. With two young girls at home (Abigail- 4 1/2 and Audrey – 9 months). Praying for a miracle so they can have their daddy for long term. He is currently undergoing the chemo and radiation until September 30.