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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Sarah moore

William Preston Moore is the true definition of hero. He has been through 4 years of military service, many moves, brain cancer that was misdiagnosed for years, the diagnosis and treatment of his brain cancer and the long years of recovery from said brain tumor. After my Preston and I found out I was pregnant he immediately joined the marine Corps and ended up getting sick in boot camp which ended up causing brain cells in his head to switch into cancer cells. Long story short he ended up having problems and getting it diagnosed during his 1st year in the marine corps ,as a brain lesion, which ended up being wrong. After three years of 6 hour trips back and forth from naval hospital to naval hospital getting the same answer that it’s was fine and we shouldn’t worry about it we got a second opinion. This doctor ended up telling us that the “lesion” was actually a fast growing tumor that should have killed him after a year ravaging his body and it was a motive it didn’t and that he needed to write a will and write his kids (the 2 and 4 years of age) letters because he was having surgery in two days and that his chances were 40% with only a 20% chance he would be the same. The first three days after the brain surgery Preston was on a ventilator and was fighting the anesthesia unless I was holding his hand. It took him months to regain enough awareness to interact with his children and I but he never let us leave his side and always had to have the kids by his side. The first year was the hardest with having to relearn everything from breathing to walking to how to properly interact with people. After many fights and long nights of screaming and crying and depressive thought and many many many dr appointments, illnesses, radiation, rehab, and hospital stays; we started to see the end of the tunnel. This year was made harder by the fact that Preston ended up getting a rare illness called fungal meningitis and severely low potassium levels, which landed him many hospital stays that usually lasted 2 weeks each. Once he finished rehab we were blessed with a fully furnished Christmas thanks to the restorx group who fell in love with Preston and wanted to help us pay for Christmas since the medical bills took all of our money. Thought his fight Preston stayed strong and was a rock that kept us mentally stable while we were crying Not once did he give up or shut us out. He always worried about us and cared for us in anyway he could. Even though his brain trauma caused his to cry or lash out he always apologized and vowed to get better. My husband is the strongest person I know and has overcome huge obstacles and personal struggles all while caring for his family. I am signing up my husband for this award because he is my rock and there really are no words to say to explain the things he has given up or lost to this tumor but through those losses and his fight he has grown stronger and we as a family have grown stronger. He makes us better because he is supporting us even though we should be supporting him. He is selfless, strong, courageous, caring, and the light of my life. I have never had anyone who would literally lay down his life to care for others or put their needs in front of others. He has touched many people’s lives and through this devastating life even he has arisen stronger and a more spectacular person then I deserve. I hope and pray that there are more men like him in this world because his love for others and for his family should be spread and I will give my all to show him how amazing he is and how he deserves to be celebrated. Please help me show him that I’m not just being the doting wife and that he is truly an amazing person. Thank you for all you do I really enjoyed the leaders meeting and I can’t wait to wet more survivors and caregivers. I have been waiting two years to be able to do this race, I told my husband that I would not run until he could join me in crossing the finish line. Sincerely Sarah Moore. Team leader for Preston’s payback