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Keeping the Faith

her boys



Submitted by:
Debbie Koenig

I would like to honor Wrainbeau Willis. Though Wrainbeau (and yes, it’s pronounced Rainbow!) was terrified when she was diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri, she moved forward with the attitude that has made her one of the most remarkable women I have ever known. Wrainbeau researched this disease and questioned the doctors charged with her care. She was going to understand the diagnosis and treatment she was facing. And face it she did! With faith and humor, and a positive attitude. Wrainbeau has found a way to live with Pseudotumor Cerebri. Through the horror of her diminishing vision, MRI’s, spinal taps, and too many doctors to count, her scariest moments came when she had to explain to her children she had cancer. Being Wrainbeau, she worked with her family, put her affairs in order (just in case), then set about fighting this disease with all the tools and information at her disposal. Never complaining and always seeking the positive, my friend has set an example to be admired. I attest to her courage and I honor the friendship she gives to so many.