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Legacy of Love




Angela Huskins is the wife of Paul Huskins a two time survivor of surgery to remove a brain tumor in the left side of his frontal lobe. The two were married in April of 2012 and Paul was first diagnosed in November of that year. From the first diagnosis Angela and Paul were determined to ensure that this tumor would be something that they would battle aggressively from the start. They sought the best possible treatment from their doctors in Texas and were able to receive a referral to the University of California San Francisco for surgery. Paul had his first surgery, was in the ICU for 6 days and spent 20 more days in California in the Hospital there for this surgery. Angela was by his side for much of this time, in the room assisting and guiding him through him through much of his rehab process. After his recovery from the surgery the couple relocated to Florida. Paul completed a year of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation and they remained active in Head for the Cure Community telling their story raising money each year. Angela did a number of different fundraisers including baking cookies for the cause. Advance to 2020 and the pandemic- Paul requires a second surgery for a new growth of his tumor. Expecting a short stay in the hospital in Jacksonville they place their children with Angela’s parents and head for the Mayo clinic. Unfortunately, Paul has a stroke during surgery and spends 10 days in a coma. He remains in the hospital for another two weeks. Angela is there by his side to attend to his needs as he slowly recovers. When he is finally released from the Mayo Clinic to return to their home city of Gainesville he is still in a facility there for another 12 days. Angela is there each day helping him with his rehab and continued to work with him when he was finally released to get him to his outpatient appointments. All this while their son Henry was starting first grade from Home due to the pandemic. When Angela was finally able to resume working part time she was still managing to schedule family members to assist where needed and keep everyone on schedule. In September of 2021 she received the news that her brother, only 3 years older was diagnosed with Cancer of a serious nature, and she drove her parents to the Boston area to assist with his care. She remains committed to assisting her immediate and extended family in the care of others in any way that she can. As parents of Paul we have seen this young woman sacrifice a great deal of herself from a career and personal standpoint to care for others and see her as a great example of a selfless caregiver.