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Legacy of Love

Angela Huskins_LOL



Angela shows her kindness, love, and caring every day for her husband Paul. A true nominee for The Legacy of Love. They met while attending FSU and later moved to Austin TX. and married in 2012. Now the first year of marriage is supposed to be filled with good times of fun and starting a new life together. Just months after the wedding Paul was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor called anaplastic astrocytoma. Paul had his surgery in San Francisco CA, went back to Austin and started radiation treatment, and then moved to Gainesville Fl to begin his chemo treatment. Ângela was by Paul’s side helping him move forward with a positive attitude. They now have two children Henry 7 and Avery 4 and she is a manager at the local Target store. Now 2020 was a year many people would like to forget or redo and Angela and Paul are no different. As the pandemic starts to take hold of our lives in the spring it is discovered that Paul’s tumor had returned. On the first of June Paul enters the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville FL. What was supposed to be just a 2-night stay ended up being more than 5 weeks? Ângela stayed in the hospital room and slept on a recliner everyone of those nights. She learned from the doctors and nurses how to help Paul and began doing most of the care to get Paul back home. It has been a very long road to recovery for Paul this time. He is a two-time brain cancer survivor and is so lucky to have a wife capable of spreading the Legacy of Love. With the pandemic going strong and Paul in the middle of his chemo treatment, they have had to keep the kids out of school and a teacher is just another hat that Angela has to wear. Ângela has had to take many months off from her job to be there for Paul and the kids. You will never hear a negative word from her as she goes about her days weeks and now months as the main caregiver. Paul has not been able to drive so Angela takes Paul to all of his therapy treatments, goes to the pharmacy, the doctor’s visits, the grocery store, and all the chores that come with raising a family. Ângela and Paul first got involved with Head for the Cure back in Austin with their first 5K. They have since made Orlando their top fundraiser site and has had a team running the 5K for many years. I even took home a third-place medal for the 60 and over the group. Ângela has a spirit of Love and it is my honor to let others know her story and nominate her for the Legacy of Love.