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Legacy of Love

Ann M



My beautiful niece, Cortney Marschuetz became Cortney Marschuetz McKenna in October 2019. In January 2020, she had brain surgery to remove a malignant tumor, and was then at the Mayo Clinic for weeks receiving high-dose radiation and then chemotherapy. Her mother, Ann Marschuetz – is an absolute rock for her daughter. (And, in Cortney’s words “the most selfless woman I have ever known and I thank God every day that I get to call her Mom.”) Ann will move heaven and earth to help her youngest child (and only daughter) through this challenge. She and her husband invited Cortney and her new husband to stay with them indefinitely so that Cort is never alone. Ann arranged an apartment near the Mayo Clinic for their long stay (which coincided with the COVID outbreak, so she never stopped cleaning, according to Cortney) and never left her daughter’s side. Ann even found an apartment that would allow Cort’s beautiful little dog, Gracie. I always knew my sister-in-law was the kindest and most compassionate person imaginable, so none of this is surprising. I would just like her to have a bit of recognition — which will embarrass her to pieces — for the strength and love she has shown for Cortney this year.