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Legacy of Love

Bonnie L



I am nominating my mom, Bonnie Scorziell. When my father, Joe Scorziell, was diagnosed with GBM on 12/23/2017 she never gave up hope. She was his rock. Their story began in high school and continues to be a true love story. They celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary in January of 2018, when dad had already gone through one craniotomy. As dad’s journey continued for 9 months, mom’s hip began to fail. She always put dad’s needs first. She made sure he never lost faith and always stayed positive. Of dad’s many, many overnight stays at OSU James, she rarely left his side. When hospice was decided and dad qualified for inpatient care, she NEVER left the facility. She did eventually get her hip replaced in December after dad gained his wings (8/24/2018), it was ‘crushed’ according to her doctor. Although dad now has earned his angel wings, their love story continues. She is now our rock, she makes sure we always know he is with us in everything we do!