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Legacy of Love

KC LOL - Burma Cenovich



My mom’s story begins far before the love of her life was diagnosed with brain cancer. She was the girl next door when they met in the summer of 1966. And the way to his heart was by being a helpful caretaker to his basset hound. Fast forward almost 50 years later, married, 2 children, grandchildren, careers, homes, etc. My mom was diagnosed with her own brain mental illness. She spent years fighting the disease, trying to find the right medication cocktail to allow her to function, allow her to stay present, allow her to be the wife, mother and grandmother we all knew she could be. There were times it almost broke our family, it nearly broke her. But by summer of 2017, she found the right combination to bring her back to us. Returned to us was the love of two people, blessed beyond words. Our smiling and happy mom, our helpful and adoring Bubby. We thought we had overcome life’s biggest challenge, but then in July of 2018, my dad was diagnosed with a GBM. I know my sister and I both thought this could break her, this could take back all the progress she had made. But we were wrong. She jumped in head first (no pun intended) to fight this awful disease with my dad. She put her world on hold and stayed by his side for every minute of the 22 months that followed. She went to every doctor appointment, every scan, every lab appointment. She accepted the fact that my dad wanted to continue working as long as he could. She took over the finances and 100% of the house duties. My mom had worked so hard and found so much strength to over come her disease, I didn’t know a person could have much fight or strength left in them. But she proved me so wrong. Her strength, commitment and faith has been so inspiring to all of us around her during my dad’s fight. We lost my dad in June 2020. She was with him and held him and took care of him until the very end. Once again, she has found a way to not let a disease break us. We have lost my dad, but he lives on our hearts, in her heart. And she has one of the best hearts ever. She is deserving of so much, but right now, I believe she is the perfect representation of Legacy of Love.