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Legacy of Love

Charity Klop



It is with great enthusiasm that I nominate my wife, Charity Klop for the Legacy of Love Award. Charity has been my rock and my cheerleader since my diagnosis with stage III brain cancer in 2008. When the surgeons told her that I would certainly die and the craniotomy would only buy me some time, she refused to lose faith or allow me to either. When it came time to drive to the Mayo Clinic for further care and I couldn’t drive due to my seizure, she drove us there several times in ice storms and blizzards for appointments and a second surgery. She encouraged our daughters who were six and four at the time and was strong and positive for them. She never allowed anyone of us to lose hope. She was understanding when the side effects of the surgeries, surgical infection, chemotherapy, and radiation made life difficult and made me behave unlike myself. Charity’s unending optimism was infectious and I truly believe that without her propping me up on a daily basis I would not have survived. It has been eleven years since I was first diagnosed and nine years since my treatments were completed but Charity continues to be understanding when it comes to the lingering effects I still experience as a result of the treatments and surgeries. I have never met anyone more compassionate and selfless than my wife and am so lucky to have had her in my life throughout the entire cancer experience. Although I could provide countless specific and detailed examples of Charity’s selflessness to corroborate my nomination, I would rather defer to my heartfelt generalized explanation. I hope that will suffice for your consideration of my nomination. Thank you. Kris Klop