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Legacy of Love

Cindy Campbell



Kyle and I would like to nominate Cindy Campbell for the Stevie Patrick Legacy of Love Award. Cindy has been a role model for us over the past seven years. Cindy’s example has shown us that it is possible to move forward even after experiencing the worst pain possible. Cindy, like us, is a bereaved parent. Her son, Ty Louis Campbell, died from a brain tumor when he was only five years old. Ty fought a brave battle for over two years. Today, Ty’s life and legacy continues to inspire many. Cindy, along with her husband, Lou, founded the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation to honor Ty’s memory. They have selflessly shared Ty’s story and spirit to help other children affected by cancer. The foundation funds innovative research and clinical trials focused on better treatments for childhood cancer. The foundation also hosts many successful annual events and fundraisers. We are always amazed by Cindy’s endless energy and passion for raising awareness and funds for pediatric cancer. Cindy also serves as the Program Director at the Children’s Brain Tumor Project at Weill Cornell. This is where Kyle and I first met Cindy. We were struck by how she had turned the tragedy of losing Ty into hope for others by energizing many supporters. Her mission to improve outcomes for the children who have come after Ty inspires us and others. We have always found Cindy’s warmth, authenticity, and compassion to be a comforting presence. At the Children’s Brain Tumor Project, Cindy has grown the donor network, organized successful fundraising events, expanded marketing and communications, and helped the project gain a national presence. Cindy has taken her pain and suffering and turned it into a mission filled with love and hope. We are in awe of her. She interacts daily with families and children who are currently fighting brain cancer. It takes a very special and strong person to work on finding a cure with a broken heart. We, along with many other families, are so grateful for the example and efforts that Cindy brings to the fight against brain tumors.