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Legacy of Love

daniel lol



My husband (we got married one week after my diagnosis) has been an absolute miracle. He keeps me together, he advocates for me, he has bathed me and shaved my head. He is so proud of me that he tells everyone about my fight and struggle and strength. O have not had an easy road and he has cried with me and held me and taken me on drives when I couldn’t be around anyone else just to get me out of the house. He helps manage all of my doctor’s appointments and medication. He pretty much does all of the cooking and cleaning without a single complaint. He makes sure my family is involved and tells me I am beautiful and loved every day. He does all of this and more. I am no where near the end of my road in this fight and no matter how tough my days are he strives to make each one a little bit better. Dan is the epitome of strength and love.