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Legacy of Love

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David and I have known each other since 2008 at which time we met because his beloved wife Denise was undergoing treatment for a malignant brain tumor. We worked together as a team and in 2015 Denise passed away with the unwavering support of her husband David. The story is far more complicated than this, however. In 2008, his daughter Jennifer was also diagnosed and treated with a malignant brain tumor in an almost identical fashion to her mother. For a while, we had same day visits and ongoing assessment and management visits for everyone. To this day, Jennifer’s dad David, comes to every one of her visits and gently and kindly advocates for her with tenacity and veracity. In my eyes, he is nothing short of a hero and a brilliant example of a staunch advocate. David is exemplary of the dauntless, unfettered and unrelenting pinnacle of love caring for people he loves fighting against brain cancer on so many levels.