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Legacy of Love

Elizabeth-Maher jpg Photo

Dr. Elizabeth


The Grey Matters North Texas Brain Tumor Support Group would like to nominate Professor and Dr. Elizabeth A. Maher, M.D., Ph.D. for the prestigious Stevie Patrick “Legacy of Love” Award. Head for the Cure states that this award is “easily defined by actions of integrity, encouragement, determination, and serving others, especially those in need. This deserving person must be a leader each day and has the courage to smile in the midst of adversity”. We believe this description is the definition of who and what Dr. Maher is and what she represents. Dr. Maher’s unwavering support for her patients as well as all of us in the North Texas brain tumor community is a testament to her dedication to finding a cure for this terrible disease. Dr. Maher is a research physician, in addition to many other responsibilities, at UTSW Medical Center and has provided Grey Matters Support Group an immeasurable amount of encouragement, support, love and most of all HOPE for a cure. Her talks with us always speak of never giving up and continue to FIGHT the FIGHT. Some of us at Grey Matters call Dr. Maher, Elizabeth, meaning absolutely no disrespect, because we know that she is one of us as a team in the fight to find a cure. She has said that a positive attitude is extremely helpful for the patient. Elizabeth states that “An increasing number of patients will do well, and we don’t want them to waste precious time feeling discouraged, especially when the research is yielding such important new findings”. Elizabeth’s kindness, professionalism, and inspiration are a great GIFT to us all and she truly deserves the Legacy of Love Award! Let us HONOR her in the manner to which she is most deserving! Submission by Grey Matters North Texas Brain Tumor Support Group