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Legacy of Love


Dr. Nick


Dr. Nick Avgeropoulos works in the cancer center at Orlando Health. He is an excellent neuro-oncologist. I met Dr. Nick just after being diagnosed with a glioblastoma. I was eager to start treatment and learn about my diagnosis. He is such a great communicator and teacher. After my first appointment with him I felt as if I had just been to a seminar because of his efforts to help me understand the brain and glioblastomas. Dr. Nick treats me as an individual patient. He invests time evaluating the specifics of my scans and lab work rather than assuming every patient is just alike. I believe he is just as diligent with all of his patients. I look forward to appointments with Dr. Nick because he is so good at making people feel excited about their progress and hopeful for the future. I could not ask for a better doctor to help me remain cancer free!