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Legacy of Love




We would like to nominate an amazing young man who has demonstrated true unconditional love, respect and commitment. Elijah Kress was 25 years old and living his dream in LA, California, skateboarding and starting his career when his father, Michael Kress, was diagnosed in July, 2020 with Stage IV Glioblastoma. For 9 months he travelled back and forth from LA to Lansing, MI to visit and spend time with his father and step mother, Teresa, who was Michael’s sole caregiver. On April, 20 2021 Teresa unexpectedly passed away in her sleep. She was an amazing caregiver, wife, mother, sister, daughter and grandmother. Her death was in part a result of stress, exhaustion and being overwhelmed. While grieving her death and knowing his father needed 24 hours care, without hesitation, Elijah immediately posted these words: “I am moving back to Michigan indefinitely to take care of my father and be there for my family in time of need. Please if you can just pray for positivity and guidance for my family as we go through some of the darkest moments in our lives.” It was not an easy task for a now 26 year old young man to assume various new roles and responsibilities, financially, emotionally and physically. Elijah never complained, never questioned and never second guessed his decision. Michael passed away on June 25, 2021 surrounded by his family. The days following his death again required difficult planning and decisions by Elijah. He has remained positive throughout this journey. We marvel at his strength, love and commitment to his father. He is most deserving of the Legacy of Love recognition.