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Legacy of Love

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I am nominating my daughter, Emily Godawski for the Legacy of Love award. From the time she was very young, Emily took care of others. From giving away her sweater in kindergarten to a little girl that needed one, to caring for both of her grandmothers has they aged and their health failed. Emily will always meet you with a big smile and encourage you with a strong hug. Her faith is unwavering. She is strong and courageous. When her husband, Brian was diagnosed they had only been married for a month. While most young women would have buried themselves in grief and why me, she immediately became determined to win, and began to seek out the best treatment options, best doctors, and best hospitals to assure that Brian would live and declare the works of the Lord. She never accepted no and asked a lot of questions so to understand. Emily has become a walking, talking encyclopedia of knowledge about brain tumors and continually keep the doctor’s amazed at her knowledge. She is a strong and brave young woman who has stood by Brian, encouraged him not to give up, and cared for him like no other. Though the strain of this disease emotionally, physically and financially is unbelievable, she and Brian stand strong and their love for each other and our God of miracles continues one day at a time. She is on her third year as a core volunteer for the North Texas Head for the Cure 5 K. She has faith that the answer for the cure is close, and realizes the need to get money in the hands of the research teams and help equip them with all they need. Emily is truly a co-survivor. She is without a doubt, a shining light to our family, her “in-loves” her co-workers, and anyone she meets.