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Legacy of Love




Greyson Peck is an amazing young man–brave, thoughtful, kind, tough, and loving. It is clear where that comes from. Greyson’s mom, Erin, is a superhero of a caregiver and person. It is who she is to be generous and to create new possibilities for others. As an example, not 30minutes into her first visit with Greyson at the Brain Imaging Center, she noted the waiting room was not that kid friendly–and she spontaneously arranged with the imaging center staff to make it more kid friendly. Another example of Erin’s generosity is how she has shared her and her family’s experience with navigating surgery–because she understands it can help people in the future. Erin leans in and makes things happen! When we proposed the idea of inviting friends to the ballpark–she filled a schoolbus!!! Erin is always asking how she can give back–what can be learned, or gained, or attained if we work together. She is a true leader.