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Legacy of Love

KC LOL - Heath O



While I was the one that was diagnosed, it did not just impact me. My immediate family had to make changes and my husband, Heath, has been amazing. I know that I would not be where I am today without him. Heath has been by my side through it all. He took those vows “in sickness and in health” to heart and has been a trooper. On Memorial Day of 2018, Heath was driving our three kids (ages, 7, 4, and 3 months) and me home from Salina. Just as we got on the road, I had a seizure. Heath was able to remain calm and get me to the ER. I remember nothing but waking up in the hospital and having no idea what was going on. Heath was able to get our 3 kids situated with family, explain what he witnessed to the doctors, and fill in the gaps for me. I know that he was extremely worried, but he remained calm and did everything to keep me safe. He also called my mom and his mom to let them know what was going on and keep them informed each step of the way. Heath has cared for me through the diagnosis, the waiting period, surgery, recovery, and the watch and wait. He always takes time to go with me to my appointments to be an extra set of ears and ask anything I may forget. He also will chauffeur me to tests, just so I do not have to go alone; he patiently waits for me. He has supported me when I was ready to try things and allowed me time when I was not quite ready for others. He has encouraged me every step of the way. Prior to my diagnosis, we had planned a family trip with all my siblings and mom. My surgeon said to not cancel as it would be good to take it easy and have extra hands for help with the kids. Heath got all of our stuff packed and ready. He figured I would not want to go out much, so he thoughtfully packed a ton of indoor activities that I like. Also, my appetite wasn’t great after surgery, so he packed our blender to make my chocolate/peanut butter/banana shakes every day! In addition to taking care of me, he has also taken care of our kids. Heath has been amazing, and I cannot thank him enough for being on this journey with me. I know we have a long way to go, but we’ve got this, side by side!