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Legacy of Love

Jenna Gardner



“Where do I begin to tell you about Jenna Gardner. She has so many beautiful qualities! Let me start with a few of the many ways she demonstrates her kindness and leadership. Jenna was a student Ambassador for Stop Bullying in elementary school. She is a girl scout from age 6 till now, in which she received her Gold Award. She earned this for her work at Care Net Women’s Center, which included providing information to teenage girls on healthy relationships. Jenna has always had a caring, compassionate disposition. In 2014, Jenna met William David Robinson. They were friends during the time William(age 16) was diagnosed with brain cancer. William needed someone to reach out to and Jenna was there for him. She was there to listen, to make him laugh, to help him stay strong through his more difficult times, to cheer him on, etc. They had this incredible friendship for 3 years, then in high school, they decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Their love grew more and more as the years went by and they had plans for a future together. Jenna’s desire to help others, her interest in the human body and concern for Williams’ health encouraged her to go to college to be a Nurse. During 2020, Williams tumor grew back rapidly and Jenna didn’t hesitate to fly back and forth, many times from Kansas to California to be with him and help take care of him. She selflessly dropped some classes at KU to make it possible. Jenna researched his options of doctors and hospitals, nutrition, medications and trials that were available. Her love and support encouraged him. Sadly William passed away May 13, 2021. At 19 years old Jenna lost the love of her life. Even though she is broken and devastated, she is determined to continue her schooling to be a nurse and take care of others. Jenna is our leader for this run and is doing it “In honor of William David Robinson”. This is why I nominate Jenna Gardner for the Legacy of Love Award.”