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Legacy of Love

john lol



I nominate my husband, John Bell. It took a while to get a complete diagnosis for me back in 2015, but then everything moved quickly with chemo and radiation. What many didn’t realize is that was just the beginning of my journey living with non-resectable brain tumors. While the world sees that I’m still alive and kicking and assumes everything is well again, it has been my husband and my kids that see the every day struggle of losing so much of yourself. John has become the sole breadwinner, our family’s uber driver, our cook, our maid at times, my on-call nurse, and the most dependable dad and husband you’ll ever meet. He’s been the lifeboat that kept our family afloat through the dark days, my counselor, and my best friend. I’m as stubborn as they come, and he somehow finds a loving way to tell me “no” when I overextend myself (which is often) – I think he monitors my energy reserves better than I do! His infinite love, patience and compassion have been unwavering and never-ending. I was diagnosed after only 2 years of marriage, but I know he’ll be by my side until the bitter end. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but he’s made every step better just by being next to me and loving me and my kids. He sure didn’t sign up for this, regardless of the “through health and sickness” part of our marriage vows, and he definitely deserves every bit of recognition and more for being an amazing caretaker, husband, and dad for our entire family. We love you infinity John Bell!