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Legacy of Love




There is literally no one like Johnanna (J or Auntie J as we fondly call her)! She is an incredibly passionate, caring, and giving individual who loves her people hard. When her husband (my brother), Eric, was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma in April of 2021, J stepped up to the plate and took each new challenge head-on. She has acted as a caregiver, an advocate, a friend, a confidant, a travel agent, and an adventure partner. Our family has nicknamed her Wonder Woman as she seemingly moves mountains and makes what feels impossible possible on Eric’s journey. J has been with Eric and our family EVERY step of this journey with unwavering commitment to fulfill Eric’s need for adventures, laughs, and continuous forward momentum. But her ability to lead and serve others doesn’t end with our family. Even during this challenging time, J has continued to bring joy to her patients at her PT clinic, support fellow caregivers, and lift the spirits of those around her. I believe that everyone fighting a battle like Eric’s deserves to have a J. We’re just lucky enough to call her ours.