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Legacy of Love

Julie S



My parents met in Michigan in the mid eighties. My mom, Julie, claims it was one of those rare moments where she just *knew* that my dad was the one. They had both been in other serious relationships throughout their adult lives and after meeting each other-it was clear to her that this was a relationship that would last forever. And it was. They dated for a short time before my dad proposed at Sandia Peak in Colorado Springs and they were married shortly after that on August 15, 1987 surrounded by loved ones in Lansing, Michigan. They moved across the country together, raised me and my two little sisters and ultimately built a life of love and happiness. They had so many beautiful years together. They were partners and friends and always had the other’s back. And when my dad was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma in June 2019, none of that changed. No one was surprised that my mom didn’t bat an eyelash when it came to caring for my dad. He made it through the Summer without needing too much additional care, but my mom drove him to the Cleveland Clinic (a 50 minute drive each way) Monday-Friday for treatment with a smile on her face. She played music they loved, she stayed strong and supportive and she was always positive. Again-none of this surprised anyone. She is and always has been the light in our lives–our own ray of sunshine. In September 2019 my dad went into hospice care at a local facility for a week and my mom never left his side. She slept on a tiny chair in a strange place that week, gave my dad every ounce of love she had, stayed positive for me and my sisters and never once complained. When we had the chance to bring dad home she immediately seized the opportunity, moving furniture, making phone calls and arranging everything so that he could be as comfortable and cared for as possible. It was a hard and emotional couple of months for us as my dad continued to decline in health and still, my mom continued being the positive source of love that each of us needed. She took care of my dad with all of her heart, knowing that the end wasn’t far and still managing to smile each and every single day. Dad passed away on November 10, 2019 in my mom’s home. My mom, sisters and I were all by his side and as devastating as our loss that day was, my mom still found the positive. She saw the silver linings. She held each one of us as we sobbed into her arms, telling us it would all be okay. When she talks about my dad now its to tell us about how much he loved us, always reminding us of our wonderful family memories and my dad’s ridiculously amazing ability to bring laughter into our lives. What I hope she knows though, is how she is the glue that has continued to hold our family together. She is the source of love and positivity that keeps us moving forward. Her love, kindness, selflessness and empathy are apparent to all who know her and we can’t thank her enough for being the mom and person she is.