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Legacy of Love

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Kevin and Linda


“I am nominating my parents Kevin and Linda Joerling for the Stevie Patrick Legacy of Love award because I would not have made it through this brain tumor journey without them. My Mom was the one that took me to the ER that day in 2013 when I was diagnosed. She spent every night with me in the ICU sleeping on the couch, even when visitors were supposed to have gone home. My Dad took time off of work, kept the house running while my Mom and I were in the hospital, visited me everyday and went on the search for the nearest McDonalds when I just had to have a McFlurry while in the hospital. After surgery my parents were amazing caregivers, I had some hard days together right after surgery but they stayed calm, cool and collected while navigating this new world we were in. They woke me up to give me my medicines, drove me to occupational therapy and my Dad may or may not have made daily trips to my favorite ice cream shop to help me feel better. 6 weeks after surgery I got cleared to return to K-State and my parents made the 10 hour drive down with me, it was the hardest goodbye. Since then I have had many ups and downs in this brain tumor journey and they have been with me every step of the way. I will never be able to put into words how selfless, loving and amazing the both of them are. Thank you Mom and Dad for being with me through it all. “