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Legacy of Love

Kim Asbury



Kim Asbury promised her sister, Lori Jo Mines, who recently passed away from stage IV brain cancer, she would not let her sister’s cancer go in vain. She committed to making sure that everyone she came into contact with would know more about glioblastoma through Lori Jo’s journey. For more than three years, Kim cared for her sister in a lot of different ways. From taking her to get weekly groceries to going to Rod’s Western Place to look for cowboy boots, taking her to doctor’s appointments, and just spending one-on-one time with her. See, Kim and her sister had a special and unique relationship. As an older sister with nine years separating them, Kim often took care of Lori while her mom went back to work. Not only were they sisters, but Kim was very motherly to Lori, and that bond formed early on stayed pure and strong until Lori’s body was no longer able to fight the disease. Kim’s care and concern, and desire to help her sister during her battle with brain cancer was a true legacy of love. Most purely and naturally, Kim did everything she could to support her sister during her lifetime. Now, even beyond those years, Kim has continued to be a strong advocate for more awareness about glioblastoma, and research dollars for brain cancer. Kim has served as an Ambassador for the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute and provided her time to tell Lori Jo’s story to groups, individuals, and others currently facing this challenging disease as a family, or even as an individual. In addition, Kim has been a big supporter of the Head for the Cure 5K in Columbus, OH, by forming teams, soliciting sponsorships and donations from family, friends, and contacts. She currently serves on an advisory board for the Head for the Cure to come up with new ideas to fundraise during the coronavirus pandemic. In 2020 she worked with her husband, Brian Asbury, and his band to form a virtual fundraiser concert on Facebook Live. The event was well-received, raising awareness and funds through the Facebook donate platform. Kim continues to look for ways to be involved, support this cause, and continue to do so and keep the promise she kept to Lori Jo. Kim is most deserving of this Legacy of Love award.