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Legacy of Love



There are an infinite number of reasons Janet, my stepmom of 25 years, is deserving of the Legacy of Love award. Her role of caregiver to my dad, Ron Pfeffer, began weeks before the official diagnosis and hasn’t wavered since. The ultimate do-er, Janet jumped to action immediately and made sure Dad was going to be treated at Mayo Clinic, knowing he needed the best. We’re here today, with Dad by our sides, because of Janet. A large part of caregiving is managing logistics, which can take hours a day. Just as critical as getting to and from appointments, setting up pill boxes, and dealing with insurance companies, is providing a safe and nurturing environment for healing, of which Janet is a master. Balancing our favorite extroverts need for social interactions with time for rest, Janet thoughtfully ensures Dad gets time with his dear friends and family, while also protecting his time for rest and relaxation. There’s no doubt that Janet’s number one focus right now is Dad, and so I’m nominating Janet for this award to remind her that we see her doing the world’s hardest work, selflessly and graciously.