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Legacy of Love



A few months before I moved out of the house to begin my adult life and career, my Dad had moved his mother into his home to help care for her as she had begun to show signs of dementia. 3 months later, he was helping me move back in as my battle with brain cancer began. 

Throughout my treatment, my Dad was my rock and my absolute best friend. He stepped up immediately to find me the best brain cancer teams at UTSW, asked many questions that I never would have thought to ask the medical professionals, helped me learn to work with insurance companies, along with many other things that I can never thank him enough for doing for me, all while he was also caring for his Mother at the same time.

I cannot begin to imagine what it was like for him watching his Mother and Son go through what we did simultaneously, but he never showed it once. Putting aside all other aspects of his life at the time, he was there for us everyday going above and beyond the call. I am so happy to have had him by my side throughout the process, as he continues to be my best supporter to this day.