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Legacy of Love




Our Dad was able to step up as a caregiver, while our world was falling apart. Our Mom was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme at a really precarious time in our lives. I had just started college and was learning how to live on my own, while my sister was adjusting to her new normal. Our Dad did his best to insure that no only our Mom had the best care that he and the Henry Ford medical team could provide, but we were able to continue growing up as best as we could. Although home felt like it was pulling me back, both of my parents instilled in me their dreams of continuing my education. Same for my sister. At a time that she wanted to be more involved at home, she didn’t have to drop out of a single passion. That wouldn’t have been possible without Dad taking the reins, and both of our parent’s encouragement. Our Mom lost her fight a little over a year later, and even then, our Dad did everything he could to make us feel supported and confident in our education and the world. Since then, our Dad does everything he can to continue the fight so other families won’t have to go through what we did. He’s raised thousands of dollars for brain cancer research, and joined a committee at the hospital focusing on patient and caregiver comfort.