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Legacy of Love

Mark Gould (1)



My husband, Mark Gould, is a godly caretaking man. From the moment he drove me to the ER for slurred speech to watching me have a seizure there and even though he was not allowed to ride with me to the hospital due to COVID he never stopped praying for me. He sent me coffee and gifts in the hospital and he face timed me every day. He sat and prayed with me as they allowed him to come back to the hospital for my left open craniotomy for a brain tumor a week later. I came home the next day after surgery and right away he was my caregiver- just like a nurse giving me medicine, watching me breathe, eat, shower, exercise. He did it all because GOD saw his tears, heard his cries, and watched all the sacrifices he made for me. He put his faith in action and showed his love for me out of obedience. He carried out God’s word to love your fellow man. The blessings of caregiving came when he made love a verb and truly lived out his everyday life with the love of God in his heart!