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Legacy of Love

Mary Beth and Thomas


My parents Mary Beth and Tom Tupa were honestly the glue that held me together during my brain tumor journey. My mom advocated for me when I couldn’t or was too scared to advocate for myself while I was in the hospital. She could always be counted upon to be at my bedside at the same time every morning. She would tell me jokes and ultimately keep me grounded while I was navigating the journey. My step-dad Tom, though sometimes not knowing what to say, would always support me. He greatly helped me once I transitioned home by moving almost my entire bedroom downstairs. He even tolerated my super long showers! Tom was always available if I needed a distraction. Tom would give me reasons to get up out of my bed even if it was as simple as having me watching tv with the family. I really, truly, and gratefully appreciate my parents who really stepping up to the plate when my world fell apart.