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Legacy of Love

KC LOL - Mitch Montgomery



In old tradition, the first wedding anniversary gift is made of paper. In October 2016 my husband, instead, was gifted a five-hour waiting room stay while I had my first brain tumor removed. That was four days after our first anniversary. While I’ll always struggle with the emotions of missing the traditional joys of celebrating our first year married, I find so much peace knowing we were already fiercely fighting for the lifetime of joys we committed to. The vow committing to love and help your partner “in sickness” is one that seems like it will apply in old age, but Mitchell was pressed almost immediately by the diagnosis on how exactly he would honor his word. I know the world is full of extraordinary caregivers but I’m sure the best one is my life partner. He became a researcher, advocate, practically a pharmacist, peacemaker, note-taker and prayer warrior overnight. The ways in which he stepped up for me, when it was clear he was hurting, is incredible. He continued to help me through the physical and emotional toll of two recurrences, surgeries and radiation treatment in the last three years. We’ve cried a lot of therapeutic tears, read a lot of Scripture and laughed a lot of much-needed laughs. Thank you, Mitchell, for your strength, care, tenderness, willingness and most of all your faithfulness in this relationship. You exceed so many of my expectations and I don’t tell you that enough. I see the way you love me fiercely and yet gently. I am forever grateful for your sacrifices, gifts, smile, time and encouragement. I love you endlessly. Let’s grow old together on a beach! Cheers!