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Legacy of Love




From the moment we learned of our dad’s diagnosis, our mom committed her life to doing everything she can for him. She learned everything there is to know about the disease and different types of treatment. Despite having two adult daughters who were willing to stay home and help, she insisted that she be our dad’s primary caregiver so that we could focus on school and our careers. Not only did she provide support for our dad, she was also there for us to lean on emotionally and mentally. When our dad’s cancer took a turn for the worse, she quit her job and became a full-time caregiver so that he could continue to stay home and have as a high-quality life as possible. Upon his eventual passing, she was a source of support and strength for my sister and I, despite having just experienced the loss of her husband. We are forever in awe of her grace and strength during this difficult time in our life and could not be more grateful to have her as a mom.