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Legacy of Love

Peter M



This nomination Legacy of Love Award is the perfect way for me to say thank you to my husband Peter Mindel. I would not be here today writing this if it weren’t for his incredible selfless love for me. His can-do positive attitude, support, encouragement & inner strength helped me to get back on my feet & recover from brain surgery quicker both physically & mentally, which I am forever grateful for. Not once has he ever complained during my illness about the new role he has taken on as a caregiver while continuing to work tirelessly in his extremely stressful day job. Pete’s patience, kindness, perseverance & commitment to me is truly immeasurable. This is what true love is all about in a marriage of almost 30 years. I have immense admiration & respect for him for his loyalty & giving me the security & strength that I need to continue to fight my GBM battle. He deserves this nomination & to be recognized for how much his love has made a huge impact on my happiness during the most difficult time of my life. Pete, thank you for all that you do for me every single day. You are my rock. I love you with all of my heart.