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Legacy of Love

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“In 2011, Phil’s daughter, Taylor, was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma. This was very difficult for the entire Roth family, but Phil never lost his positive and encouraging attitude. If someone needed a smile, he was always there to provide one. Perhaps most importantly, he is such a servant. He is more than happy to help others, from big tasks like installing cabinets to quotidian tasks like laundry. He always let Taylor be as independent as she wanted, but provided help. This was especially needed during 2017. After receiving chemo, radiation, and dealing with a nasty infection, Taylor was in bad shape. However, despite these setbacks, Taylor had her heart set on going back to graduate school in Nebraska in August. Living alone was not an option, given how weak Taylor was. The answer was clear: if she didn’t have a caregiver, Taylor could not return to school. Luckily, Phil was there to save the day. He was able to take a leave of absence from his job to brave the cold of Lincoln, Nebraska for 15 weeks. Taylor got stronger, but Phil was always there to act as chauffeur, chef, and cat nanny. Phil helped to transition Taylor back into a life of independence and joy. Phil Roth embodies the qualities of selflessness and unconditional love. He shows the power of parental love, even in the darkest of times. No matter how motivated and determined one might be, it’s a humbling thing to accept help. Phil sacrificed so much so that Taylor could pursue her dreams. Though she misses having a personal driver, Taylor is forever grateful for Phil’s love and service.”