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Legacy of Love

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I am nominating my husband, Rick White, for the Legacy of Love award this year. When I look back to that fateful day when was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, I realize how many people contributed to saving my life and I am humbled and grateful. I had been suffering debilitating headaches that wouldn’t go away. I continued to work, but after a week or so, Rick arrived home to find me miserable and in severe pain. I am very stubborn and I kept telling him I was fine. I had suffered migraines before and I assumed this was just another headache. Thankfully, Rick had the wherewithal to call an ambulance. My next memory is waking up a Henry Ford Hospital, surrounded by a sea of health care workers, where I was told I had a brain tumor. Rick never left my side during the two weeks at Henry Ford. I joked with my family that he had me wrapped in bubble wrap to protect me at all times. He basically lived at the hospital while they prepared me for brain surgery. I look back and I’m not sure how he handled the stress of everything. Two weeks before my diagnosis, we had purchased Ziggy’s Ice Cream in Grand Blanc. Rick was left with the not only caring for me and our kids, but to also keep our new business afloat without any help from me. Rick has been my rock through everything. He never complains about the burden of caring for me. He insists on driving me to every appointment, he shares the worry before every scan, and loves me even on my cranky days. I realize that being a caregiver can be an exhausting job but Rick reminds me that he wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel so fortunate to have such a loving, selfless spouse. He deserves the recognition and notoriety for being my rock as I continue to fight this wicked disease. So, since I know I don’t say it enough, thank you! Thank you for standing by my side, for catching me when I fall, for loving me even on my bad days, and for being the best caregiver to me. I love you, our family, and the life we’ve built together!