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Legacy of Love

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I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in November of 2015. The only reason I sought treatment was the insistence of my wife, Sandee Brooks. I had returned home following an episode at our fitness center where I passed out while working out, EMS was called and I refused treatment (going to the hospital). Went home where my wife, upon coming home from her volunteering job at the HHI VIM clinic said we were going to the hospital NOW. There I was diagnosed with a brain problem and offered the choice of either Savannah Hospital or MUSC. I chose MUSC and was then transported by ambulance there. There I was diagnosed with Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma and a package of chemo’s was prescribed both out patient and those that required hospitalization. The chemo lasted for about 5 months. Three weeks between sessions. During that time my wife was always there, she slept in the room and took her meals at the hospital and bathed in the hospital nurses lounge. During the first couple of sessions I was in trouble, my system did not tolerate the chemo cocktail well. She was by my side offering encouragement and support, without her presence I would not have made it. That is why she is my nomination for the Legacy of Love.