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Legacy of Love

Sarah Shrader



When Sarah lost her dad to brain cancer in 2011 she needed an outlet for her grief. She and her dad love to race together and once she found Head for the Cure a new journey began. She would never take credit for anything related to the Central Texas race, but she deserves a mountain of it. To say she’s been the face of Head for the Cure Central Texas would be an understatement – she pours her heart and soul into the event, every year. Her family and friends are so proud to support Sarah in her mission to help grow the Central Texas race every year. Although tragedy brought her to the Head for the Cure community, it’s the small triumphs that keep her coming back every year. She’s on a mission to spread the word and do just a tiny part in continuing the fight against brain cancer. She does it for her dad and your dad. She does it for your family and your friends.