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Legacy of Love

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Taylor, MD

“I am nominating Dr, Sarah Taylor for a Legacy of Love Award because of her care and encouragement of her brain tumor patients and for her efforts to defeat the disease through research and advocacy. When I learned that Dr. Taylor was retiring on August 1, I was struck by two thoughts. First, 13 1/2 years ago, I would not have bet that I would outlast her career, but here I am, still living with a malignant, inoperable grade 2 astrocytoma. I’m going to need a new neuro-oncologist! Second, and more importantly, I’m so grateful to have been her patient! Dr. Taylor is incredibly compassionate, smart, humble, and involved. She would always enter the exam room with a quick update on my MRI, a hug, and a “”how have you been? Tell me what’s new!”” It’s no surprise that she has been honored with accolades such as the Mother Theresa Award for Outstanding Patient Care and also KU Med’s Rainbow Award honoring an annual “”hero in medicine.”” Dr. Taylor has also been active in her support of the brain tumor community. Each year she has helped rallied KU Med’s Head for the Cure team, always participating herself, and she has been involved with the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative (BTTC), representing KU Med. She led numerous clinical trials to improve outcomes for patients batting brain tumors and others cancers. Beyond brain tumors, Dr. Taylor’s practice included an extensive focus on breast cancer and palliative care, and additionally she has shared her medical talents through international mission trips. Dr. Taylor deserves this recognition for her care of and compassion for brain tumor patients and her efforts to defeat the disease. She will be missed!”