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Legacy of Love




In December 2017 the Smith family received life altering news. Kathleen Smith, the mother of three young men and the wife of Scott Smith, was diagnosed with an aggressive case of meningioma near her brain stem. Within a month, Kathy had surgery to remove the tumor. However, a stroke during the surgery left Kathy’s right side paralyzed and also left her with aphasia. From the moment Kathy left surgery, her husband Scott never left her side. He was there with her every day in the hospital, every day in the long-term care facility and eventually brought her home after many months. Over the next 4 years, Scott never left his beloved wife’s side. He was her everything and made sure she had the best quality of life she could possibly have. They went on cruises together, went to the beach together, attended weddings together and spent time with their granddaughter. Sadly, Kathy passed away in January this year, 4 years after she was diagnosed with meningioma. Scott took care of her until the very end and held her hand as she left us.