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Legacy of Love




Grey Matters (North Texas Brain Tumor Support Group) would like to nominate Shari Nederhoff for the “Legacy of Love Award”. Shari is an extremely active and caring volunteer in the brain tumor community as well as other organizations. Shari became involved in the brain tumor community when her dear friend “Stevie” was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Shari selflessly gave her time and love supporting her friend and now others by being on the Head For The Cure Board of Directors and also an active member of Grey Matters. Shari volunteers’ countless hours supporting those suffering from this terrible disease by attending meetings, being a HFTC 5K Team Captain and Top Fund Raiser, providing transportation and meals when necessary, participating in Zoom calls, and just by being a caring and loving person. Shari is always available to listen and help those on their journey “Defeating brain cancer step by step”. In addition to her extensive support for the brain tumor community, Shari has also raised and trained Guide Dogs for those needing both emotional and physical support. We know that Shari has expressed a desire not to be recognized for her volunteering, but we feel we would be remiss not to recognize this wonderful lady for everything she has done and continues to do in supporting others. Nominated by the members of Grey Matters