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Legacy of Love

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Terri Coopersmith was forced into the role as Caregiver when her husband, Steve, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma in June of 2019, but she was so much more than a caregiver. Rather than running and hiding after receiving such a devastating diagnosis, Terri stepped up to the plate and became a true Superhero. When a clinical trial opened up at MD Anderson, she moved mountains to relocate herself and Steve to Houston in the dead of summer. Despite her own personal struggles with dealing with the diagnosis, she remained a rock and the biggest supporter of her children as they dealt with it too. She never left Steve’s side, through 5 surgeries and 3 clinical trials, and all the challenges that each one brought. At the same time as all of this, she single-handedly ran the business that she and Steve had built together through the challenges of the pandemic, all so that Steve could focus on getting better. Terri constantly advocated for Steve, forming strong relationships with his doctors and pushing for innovative solutions and treatment options. When Steve began to decline and started Hospice, she found a way to help him enjoy all of his favorite things, even though some were seemingly impossible- like getting him out on the golf course when he barely could walk, finding ways to get him all of his favorite foods- like king crab and ice cream every night, getting his whole extended family out to see him even though they all lived in other states, and she constantly kept him smiling and held his hand through it all. Terri’s strength through the 2 years after Steve’s diagnosis enabled Steve and his family to make more memories in those 2 years than they could have in 10 years, and it’s that strength that will keep Terri and her family going after Steve’s passing in August. Terri was and continues to be the true embodiment of a Superhero, and was the absolute best caregiver for Steve and a rock for their family.